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Holiday Body Butter Review + GIVEAWAY

Hi beauty girls! In honor of my Holiday Body Butter Giveaway I wanted to post my review of our three limited-edition butters.

The first is Cranberry Joy Body Butter in our iconic Cranberry scent,  back again for 2012 with a brand new look! This year’s version contains a pretty snow-covered cranberry on the label and is in our new matte packaging. Like all of the holiday butters it also contains our 24-hours of moisturization seal and is recommended for all skin types. Compared to our core body butter range, I would say Cranberry is one of the lighter butters, more like a rich cream, than some of our butters for intense hydration like Shea & Coconut. Made with cranberry seed oil, the scent itself is fruity with a noticeable tangy-kick. There’s no sugary-sweet fragrance here - just pure Cranberry!

The second butter is our NEW Ginger Sparkle Body Butter, featuring an adorable gingerbread man cookie on the label. If you were a fan of Candied Ginger last year,  then you’ll love this same great ginger scent. Like our Cranberry butter, Ginger Sparkle also provides 24-hours of moisturization and is recommended for all skin types, and has the same great creamy texture. The nice thing about this butter is it’s definitely unisex - made with ginger root extract, it’s got a zingy, spicy ginger scent that would smell great on both a man or a woman!

The third butter is my pick of the season, NEW Vanilla Bliss Body Butter. You may remember Spiced Vanilla from last year, or Vanilla & Nutmeg and Vanilla Spice in the years before that - and Vanilla Bliss is nothing like those. This is simply a rich, creamy vanilla scent with no other discernible notes. Made with vanilla extract, this smells good enough to eat! Compared to our other vanilla-scented body butter, Vanilla Body Butter Duo, Vanilla Bliss is definitely more of a “foodie” scent - I’d liken this to vanilla buttercream frosting in a tub. Mmmmmm.

Like all of body butters, these are all jam-packed with skin-loving Community Fair Trade natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sesame Seed Oil & more.

Try all three or try your luck by entering my giveaway below. Hurry, you only have until Sunday night to enter!

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